Silver Creek, Oregon

Color as Instinct

We experience color as a feeling or instinct, an involuntary reaction. We are embedded in nature, and can better understand our feelings in terms of the seasons and the elements.

Fire and water are two of the primal elements of symbolism.

Fire can mean joy, enthusiasm, passion, or anger in a negative expression.

Fire symbolizes intuition.

Water can mean Love: unconditional love, romantic love, mother and child love. Lack of love can be loneliness and isolation.

Water symbolizes feeling.

The meeting of fire and water brings the clash of opposites, which brings the moment of creativity.


New Photo Gallery

In this series I explore autumn leaves as found in water: creeks, rivers, even rain water in my wheelbarrow.

I have enhanced the colors to enrich the emotional experience of nature.

The reds, oranges, and yellows express the fire element, contrasted with the effects of water on the form and colors of the leaves.

The intensity of the fire colors mixed in the water element, reveals a hidden symbolism in nature.

Sandy River

Rain Water in my Wheel Barrow

Color Grading

I have used color grading effects in Lightroom and Photoshop to add richness and vibrancy to the warm colors, and use cool colors to enhance contrast. 

The colors in a plain photograph may be flat and dull, and may not express the drama the artist felt.  I am trying to make the colors more impactful.  

I am seeking a balance between colors which are more than real but are still believable.  

Maple Leaves in the Creek

Starvation Creek

Art as Therapy for the Soul

At times, art (especially photography) can be disturbing, but the first approach to a problem is to acknowledge there is a problem. 

With my Art, I am trying to convey hope and joy, as a next step in healing for the Soul of Humanity.     Even to just remind us that there is hope.

Prints and Wall Art are available for all of my images.  Feel free to contact me about what would look good with any particular image. 

I hope to display images from this series at Oregon Society of Artists and Blue Sky Gallery in 2022. 

Raindrops on Roses

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